In light of these evolving circumstances, UVW-SAW is calling on employers to recognise the seriousness of the situation and act responsibility and in the best interests of the country by: 

1. Encouraging and facilitating flexible working arrangements: No worker should be pressured to go into the office if it poses a risk to their and others’ health. Flexible working arrangements need to be implemented immediately for all members of the workforce. In the event that this is not feasible, an employer should ask staff to remain at home and pay them their full salary.

2. Ensuring full salary sick pay for those not able to work because of COVID-19: If a worker has to self-isolate because they are experiencing Coronavirus symptoms, they should receive their full salary in sick pay for the full duration of the recommended self-isolation.

3. Guaranteeing no one is made redundant because of issues arising from COVID-19: No one should be dismissed or made redundant as a result of issues arising from the Coronavirus outbreak, particularly if they decide not to come to work without their employer’s express approval.