United Voices of the World – Section of Architectural Workers (UVW-SAW), is a newly-formed grassroots trade union for architectural workers in the U.K. SAW collectively take action and fight against the negative impacts of architectural work on workers, communities, and the environment.

Members of SAW organise both in their workplaces and across the sector around overwork, under-pay, unstable employment, a toxic workplace and university culture, discrimination and unethical practice. Members facilitate collective casework, host training and events, and run campaigns.  

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An End to Overwork

Employers should observe existing working time regulations, such as the 48 hour maximum week. Overtime should be optional, pre-agreed and paid. Lunch breaks, annual leave, and TOIL must be properly facilitated.

Transparent and Fair Pay

At least Living Wage for all employees, freelance and outsourced workers. An end to all unpaid work, including un/under-paid overtime, internships. Wages should be transparent and in accordance with company pay scales. Discrimination on basis of gender, migration status, parenthood, age, is not acceptable.

Fair Employment

Architectural practice should move towards being democratically controlled by their workforces: as employee-run-trusts, cooperatives or via worker’s councils. Practices must end hiring and firing cycles, and the use of punitive probation periods. Studios should facilitate career and education development.