The UK government quietly launched a disingenuous consultation into freedoms on provision of toilets in municipal and private sector locations in October 2020.

 It proposes changing guidance, and even inserting new terms into the Building Regulations that would reduce freedom to provide “gender-neutral” desegregated toilet facilities, in favour of a “clear steer” towards facilities segregated by binary “sex” categories. 

A group of SAW members have been organising around this consultation and the dog-whistle politics underpinning it, exploring the connections between the rights of trans and gender non conforming people and the agency of architectural workers. They have co-written articles in Dezeen and the Architects Journal, as well as produced template letters for responding to the consultation and sharing the consultation with your co-workers

You can send in your opposition to these proposals, and supporting evidence to until 11.45pm 26th February 2021. Beyond this date, the government will proceed with a technical review – so there will be future opportunities for those with “technical knowledge of building regulations” as relevant stakeholders to input.  The group will continue to strategise around the issue: galvanising worker support, leveraging corporate allies, sharing resources for gender desegregated toilet design. If you’d like to help take action against the unacceptable violence against trans, gender non conforming and all other people who rely on desegregated toilet facilities, please get in touch with

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